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Another bonkers week goes by…

You all know the saying about things being like buses, you wait forever for one… and then three come along at once.  Well I always find freelance work to be a little like that, I’ll have two weeks with a couple of jobs thrown in, and long leisurely afternoons doing as I wish, then suddenly a marathon of jobs in quick succession and no time do or think about anything else.  It’s all part of the fun.  But it has meant my continuing absence from this blog so… yeah, sorry bout that, I am trying!

So, this week has been a fun one I must say, on Monday I shot a great menswear editorial for super hot 1883 magazine with the jaw-droppingly, nauseatingly talented, wonderful, secret fave photographer and fellow Slipknot fan, Sarah Brimley, with hair by the equally cracking talent and agency buddy Marcia Lee.  I can’t say much about the editorial itself other than it has a bit of a dark side and is very, very cool, but what was surprising to me was how much I enjoyed doing the guys’ makeup for this one.  A lot of the time for me, grooming men means doing both hair and makeup, and as a makeup first girl, styling the hair somewhat takes my focus away from the different makeup looks that can be achieved for the male models I’m working with.  Not this time.  1883’s Fashion Director Chad and I discussed creating hyper real, polished skin, almost slightly camp (my word, not his), to give the beautiful boys an added sense of perfection and real beauty.  It’s the first time I’ve cracked out the Chanel Vitalumiere and Illamasqua’s Satin Primer on guys… Can’t wait to show you the results!  If you’re wondering why working with Sarah gets me so excited, here’s a shot we recently worked on together (yes it’s that shot from my blog title, I love it that much).  Talk about making me look good…

In between then and now, I managed to fit in meetings with a number of cosmetics brands showcasing their new products (have I got some SEXY stuff to show you over the coming weeks, ooh-weee), a very sweaty looking sporty shoot with a pro-kiteboarder (yes that is a real sport) and then an even more hectic day than usual yesterday.

I started the day with the first of a couple of dates with the gorgeous, cute as a button but utterly badass girl of the moment Rita Ora.  Rita had been at the top of my list of dream faces to work with for a while now, and it’s always a pleasure to get to tick such lovelies off that list!  Along with the legendary dude and another agency bud Paul Percival we were getting Rita ready for a TV ad shot in my home turf of Dalston!  Brrrap etc!  Once the ad is out I’ll come back with a rundown of the products used, in the meantime here’s a snap of Rita rocking that hot wine red lip in her kitchen yesterday morning.  Lip Tars being a total hero product yet again!

On my way home from the shoot I got a call asking if I could head to a Battersea studio to do a little grooming for Danny O’Donoghue of the Script (and my fave Saturday night guilty pleasure “The Voice”), so I dumped my eyeshadows, lip colours etc, and just took along my basic grooming kit.  Little did I know the beautiful Bo Bruce would be there needing her makeup doing as well!  DAMMIT!!  In all honesty it would be impossible to make Bo look anything less than stunning but I couldn’t help lamenting this MAC Mineralize eyeshadow in Gilt By Association sitting in my cupboard at home;

IMAGINE THAT ON THOSE HUGE DOE EYES.  My God.  Next time…  We had roughly twenty minutes in a darkened room with minimal kit, but Bo left rocking a serious Edie Sedgewick eye in blacks, soft grays and purples, two sets of lashes, contoured, dewy skin and a nude matte lip.  It’s amazing what you can pull out of the bag when the pressure’s on.

And today, I am doing… nothing.  And I can’t wait.


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