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I’ll be watching you… Music Video Hall of Fame!

Today’s post is going to be a little different than usual, in that it’s going to be even more image dependant than the norm, and you’ll have far less of me banging on to get through before you reach the good stuff.  

I spent the whole of yesterday in my office (aka the sofa avec snuggly throw, laptop and Pepsi Max) catching up on work after last weeks crazy marathon.  Some people find it difficult to believe that I actually have work to do besides painting faces, but believe me there is a lot of admin and research going on behind the scenes too.  As I’ve recently moved my office from the kitchen table to the living room, yesterday’s soundtrack was a nameless music video channel, feeding me the most absurd mix of videos from past and present (may I just say the new Nicki Minaj is SIIIICK), which wasn’t conducive to great concentration as every five minutes I’d be staring at someone’s makeup.

Music videos are absolute PORN for makeup artists!  The amount of looks we get to do!  Seen from every angle!  The inspiration!  The themes!  The moodboards!  They might be insanely long days but they’re such fun, and as a viewer the makeup is undeniably a huge part of the aesthetic when it comes to pop vids.  So here, I’m simply going to present to you some of my favourite makeup looks from pop promos over the years, please forgive the poor picture quality of the screengrabs, lovely people.  Some of them are personal faves (Metallica anyone?), some you may never have seen, and I’m sure there’s plenty I’ve missed.  I’ll also try to credit the makeup artists where possible but I ain’t no miracle worker, feel free to fill me in on any missing info! 

This one’s for the MTV generation… Video killed the radio star, and that’s fine by me.


TLC; No Scrubs; 1999

Katy Perry; ET; 2011; Makeup by Kabuki

Grace Jones; My Jamaican Guy; 1982

Beyonce; Why Don’t You Love Me?; 2011; Makeup by Beyonce!!  My God!  Is there anything this woman cannot do?!

Christina Aguilera; Fighter; 2003; Makeup by Francesca Tolot

Visage; Fade to Grey; 1980; Makeup by Richard Sharah

Kelis; Acapella; 2010; Makeup by Kathy Yeung

Metallica; Until It Sleeps; 1996

Pink; U & Ur Hand; 2006; Makeup by Billy B

Björk; Oceania; 2004; Makeup by Crissy Guerrero

Whitney Houston; I Wanna Dance With Somebody; 1987

Madonna; Rain; 1992; Best brows ever!  I wish I could figure out who was responsible for these beauties…

Robert Palmer; Addicted to Love; 1985; Makeup by Martin Pretorius

No Doubt; Ex-Girlfriend; 2000

David Bowie; Ashes to Ashes; 1980; Makeup by Richard Sharah

Lady Gaga; Alejandro; 2010; Makeup by Val Garland

Jessie J; Domino; 2012; Makeup by Andrew Gallimore

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Alternative Beauty Icons, Hall of Fame!

One thing I’m really looking forward to posting about as time goes on, is the beauty icons that have affected me over the years, be that in my work, or my own personal style, and attempting to breakdown exactly what it is that makes them so inspirational in my eyes.  Hopefully along the way it may introduce you to some beauties you’ve never encountered before, or an aesthetic that may in turn inspire you in some way.

In the past couple of years I’ve noticed a definate shift in the mainstream fashion world, towards embracing the less “obvious” forms of beauty that have abounded for the last 30 years in the industry.  Be that through weight, age, race, height, gender, the lot.  The gorgeous, voluptuous models Mark Fast uses in his shows, and the pink haired Charlotte Free’s of the world may be in the minority at the moment, but it’s a change I embrace wholeheartedly.  

I was really struck by the "Human Fundamentalism" campaign touted by Illamasqua ahead of their upcoming collection of the same name, and was inspired by the All Walks Beyond the Catwalk team, headed by Caryn Franklin and Erin O’Connor, when I worked on their shoot with Nick Knight a while back.  All Walks is an initiative to work “with influential catwalk designers and top industry creatives to celebrate more diversity within the fashion industry”, check them out, what they’re doing is important, and has real heart.

So, as I collected my beauty icons together, it became obvious I’m not usually inspired by the “vanilla” beauties of the world, even more so than I realised.  I love me a Natalie Portman, and a Rosie Huntington-Whitely and a Charlize Theron, don’t get me wrong, but it’s the beauty mavericks that really get me going (I even have a Spanish tattoo on my foot that reads “There is no beauty without strangeness”, I’m really putting my money where my mouth is on this one!).  So here’s a collection of some of my favourite muses, past and present, in all their glory, as Judy Garland said;

"Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else."


Brody Dalle

-Brody Dalle-


-Tilda Swinton-


-Beth Ditto-


-Alek Wek-


-Andrej Pejic-


-Marchesa Luisa Casati-




-Charlotte Free-


-David Bowie-


-Penelope Tree-


-Devon Aoki-


-Grace Jones-


-Daphne Selfe-

The list goes on…!

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