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Well-decorated; Embellishment as makeup…

A few things have lead me to writing a blog about this slightly odd topic; this will be a post about “THINGS YOU CAN STICK ON YOUR FACE”, for lack of a better turn of phrase.  Or rather, embellishment, the haberdashery of makeup.  When the vision calls for it, makeup doesn’t need to stop at powders and paints, we’ve been adding lashes for years without a thought, and gems on the odd occasion, so why not take things a little further?

Those who’ve read my post about Alex Box will have heard me talk about her love for applying all sorts of unorthodox materials when creating a look, and how after my time assisting her I’ve grown to often do the same.  Never again will I walk by an art shop and come out without bags of sequins, stickers and Lord knows what else.  Kabuki, the Brit genius behind the stunning Manish Arora butterflies is a master of creating beautiful bejewelled applique for the face.  I remember the first time I was handed a Topolino book by my tutor back in my college days, being amazed by his use of flower petals and feathers, a look much copied, to the point where artists are now hungry for new materials to manipulate and create with.

The editorial that recently got me thinking about the subject at hand, is the jawdroppingly beautiful "Butterfly Effect" story featuring heavenly new face Elza Luijendijk that Ben Toms recently shot for Dazed and Confused.  The images are surreal, ethereal and jaw-droppingly beautiful, as Peter Phillips uses, what at times look like real butterflies, moths and insects to embellish the skin of the delicate looking model.  This is one of those “God I wish I’d thought of that” type editorials, using unorthodox materials, in a totally new way, to wondrous effect.  Just plain stunning.

And for those wanting to rock the look but not yet ready to go out covered in lovely bugs, there are more “wearable” options, should you wish to embellish that pretty little face of yours.  "Face Lace" is a great concept, perfectly executed and designed by makeup artist Phyllis Cohen.  Yes you guessed it, it’s like lace, but for your face.  Joking aside, Phyllis has created truly beautiful applique pieces that can be applied over makeup, creating stunningly intricate patterns on the skin.  It feels as though the concept, if handled by the wrong person, could have come out feeling cheap, and looking it, but FaceLace looks the opposite; elegant, high end and expensive.  They range from just £11.63 for smaller pieces, to £16.63 for the beautiful Noveau eye mask.  I think my favourite is the Fleurty design seen below.  God I’d put these on everyone if I could.  Yummers.

And for those not quite ready to go the whole hog, why not pick up a set of the absolutely darling Paperself lashes?  That’s right, you guessed again, false lashes, made from paper.  The designs on these beauties are something you need to be more up close and personal to see, but work so, so beautifully as a gorgeously unique bit of detail to add to your makeup.  At £10.50 or £12.50, in whimsical designs ranging from under the sea scenes to deers and butterlies, they’re just so dinky and gorgeous they make my heart flutter a little bit.

Not ballsy enough for you?  Need more inspiration?  Look no further than this ode to awesome embellishment.  Now excuse me, I’m off to my local Hobbycraft.


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