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The many faces of… Malgosia Bela

This week has been an insanely hectic one, but when Warpaint began, I made a promise to myself that no matter what, I would always continue to smother this blog with lush posts for your delectation, so this week shall be no different!

Today I have been thinking about models as makeup muses, the often nameless faces that fill our billboards and glossy magazines… I remember when my love affair with the faces of modern fashion began, and can honestly (and slightly shamefully) say, it wasn’t that long ago.  Around a year and a half ago in fact, when I found myself assisting the incredible Lucia Pieroni, one of my all time makeup heroes, on a shoot with another legend Mario Testino for the new Versace campaign.  Up until this point my knowledge of models consisted of there being supermodels and… everyone else.  I knew Kate Moss, I knew Agyness Deyn and Lara Stone, and of course THE supermodels, I knew those in the gossip columns basically.  The two long limbed, otherworldly creatures on set that day, I knew nothing of, they were sweet, wonderful girls, incredible models, and that was where my awareness stopped.  It turns out those two sweet girls were Abbey Lee Kershaw and Ginta Lapina, two of the most successful models on the face of the planet, the faces of Gucci and YSL respectively, alongside Mulberry, Miu Miu and many, many, many more.  I had been an idiot, these had been the chameleon beauties behind many of the looks I had adored over the past few years (Chris Cunningham’s Gucci “Flora” campaign anyone?!  Or Miu Miu’s bleached out, candy coloured Autumn Winter 2010?), but so wrapped up was I in looking at the imagery and makeup themselves, and because they weren’t making the pages of Heat magazine, I knew nothing of them.  I felt like an absolute sham, how could I have overlooked such a huge chunk of the industry I was a part of?!

Safe to say that in the years since I’ve embarked on a long, tawdry love affair with numerous, beautiful women (aesthetically at least), backstage at the shows, on shoots, through magazines and on the strangely addictive pages of models.com.  There are so many favourites, Sasha, SigridArizona, Daphne, Constance, the list goes on… But today’s hot date, is with the wonderful Malgosia.  I first fell in love with Malgosia Bela in November 2009’s "Make Do and Mend" editorial for British Vogue with Tim Walker.  In the quirky take on editorial, our model sported various creations made of recycleable rubbish, and showed such character and humour alongside her undeniable beauty that she just leapt off the page, my friend pointed her out to me and I was immediately smitten.

If you’ve never seen one of my favourite beauty editorials, "Metamorphose" shot by Miguel Riveriego for Numero then please check it out, you are in for a treat.  The incomperable Val Garland uses her skills to illustrate the power that makeup artists have to transform, moulding Anja Rubik into a variety of characters, each of which she embodies to perfection.  This post is my ode to just that, the ability of these incredible women, alongside great makeup artists (and of course stylists, hair stylists and photographers) to transform, and captivate under any guise… I present to you just some of the many faces of Malgosia Bela, the Polish beauty with the chiselled, almost androgynous, yet sultry features, still at the top of her game after 15 years and going strong, often delicate, often vampish, both blank canvas and muse.  Quite something, ain’t she?


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A vintage editorial love affair… the 90s!

I’m a little bit OCD when it comes to researching shoots, in what I like to tell myself is a good way. I can happily while away hours pouring over books, old magazines, videos, photos, looking for makeup inspiration, and inspiration for shoot ideas in general. And now thanks to Google images, reams of street fashion, historical references, advertising, photography, couture, illustration, blah blah blah and of course, editorial are right there at my eager fingertips. And one thing cannot be denied, while I love to keep things modern and am always excited to see the industry moving forward… I… Flipping… LOVE… vintage editorial.

There’s a very cool shop in Soho here in London called VinMags, that specialises in selling back issues of hundreds of magazine titles from years gone by. Many a good friend of mine has been presented with a copy of Vogue from their birth month as a birthday prezzie. It’s always amazing and amusing to see how much fashion, and the fashion press, has changed, even within our lifetimes.

An upcoming shoot has recently had me pouring over 90s editorial, and while the fact that the 1990s, the decade in which I spent my teens, can now be considered “vintage” is slightly nauseating from a personal point of view, some of the images are certainly inspiring me creatively. The fashion of the era is definitely in the middle of a resurgance at the mo, but that seems to me to be a lot of street fashion, or more noticeable pop culture references. Editorial, filled with couture, the iconic supermodels of the day, and pushing the boundaries of fashion and beauty at the time runs the risk of being forgotten.

Well not here at Warpaint thankyou very much! Some of these images are plain beautiful, some fierce, some funny, and one even hangs framed on my bedroom wall. I’ll let you decide which is which, enjoy!


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