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Secret Treasures from the kit… Part Two

There are certain pieces of kit, as a makeup artist, that are real essentials.  Things that aren’t always easy to get hold of, but that I buy in bulk, so as to never run out.  Things that makeup artists pass on to each other, word-of-mouth little legends that I could not imagine doing a job without, and honestly a lot of makeup artists reading may need to skip this post, they’ll already be in the know.  But for those who aren’t just yet, read on, your skin will be in rapture!

Have you ever worn a long lasting eyeliner, or lip colour, or perhaps a waterproof mascara, and in the process of trying to take it off, rubbed your poor little face red raw?  Or maybe purchased a stronger makeup remover for this exact reason, only to have it sting your eyes to the point of near blindness?  Spare a thought for the poor young models each time fashion week comes round, being made up, often with highly dramatic looks, then stripped back down often three or four times a day, for weeks on end.  Poor, beautiful, young, globe-trotting models, their skin is not a happy bunny.

As a result, you will not be able to move in the makeup area backstage at any show for bottles of these two lifesavers, Bioderma Crealine H2O Micelle Solution (snappy name), and Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre; Bioderma and Embryolisse to their mates.  Please be introduced, you lot will get along famously.

Bioderma, is quite literally as gentle as water (the H20 in it’s name being somewhat of a clue, this is what Micellar Solutions are; molecular agents suspended in water - science yawn).  But cleansing wise it packs a serious punch.  I’m not a chemistry person, and I don’t really take much interest in the chemical breakdown of the products I use.  So sue me.  I’m more interested in how they work, tangibly and physically, on clients, on myself, and on the job.  This will remove the most stubborn gel liners and waterproof products, on the most sensitive ravaged skin, without so much as a tingle.  And this is coming from a  girl with insanely sensitive skin, I can’t even use Simple’s notoriously gentle face wipes because they burn the skin around my eyes, it’s ridiculous.  

Bioderma, like Embryollise, used to be a Parisian pharmacy buy.  Don’t get me started on the wonders of a French Pharmacy, the superior quality, miracle lotions and potions they stock, at bargain prices, are like makeup artist crack.  Not that I’m into crack but you get the analogy, rarely can a vague acquaintance announce a trip to France without me thrusting cash at them demanding they pick me up things from pharmacies.  Often I head to the internet to get my fix, so don’t fret if you don’t have a sexy French trip planned anytime soon.  But now us lucky Londoners (hopefully word will spread soon, they need this stuff on every high street for crying out loud!), can pick up a bottle from the clever folk at Guru Makeup Emporium in Fulham (you can buy online here for £15.50, don’t you worry).  Never ones to miss a trick they’re also now stocking the next cult product…

Embryolise!  This is the moisturiser to end all moisturisers.  So gentle it can even be used on tiny babbas, they don’t call this the “24 hour miracle cream” for nothing.  This is one of the only moisturisers I’ve found that manages to feel rich, and luxurious, whilst sinking in almost immediately and priming the skin perfectly to a plumped up satin feeling finish.  It also soothes any redness in the skin and can even be used to cleanse.  A great travel product or what?  Embryollise do a whole range of beautiful skincare that’s well worth a look into, those outside of London may be cursing me for constantly mentioning London stockists, but should I hear of any others you’ll be the first to know!  The internet is definately your friend though as this can easily be picked up online for around £10 , or if you happen to pay a visit to central London at any point, the ScreenFace shop in Covent Garden stocks a full range of their ,products as well as a treasure trove of other makeup artist goodies.  Just don’t blame me if you leave having to remortgage your house after buying half the shop, you wouldn’t be the first.

Now look at you with your healthy, glowing, nourished skin.  Simple when you know how isn’t it? *winks like Lindsey*


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